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Irish E-Commerce Web Site Design

If you have a product or service which can be ordered or provided online – have you considered accepting payments directly from your website?

It’s a great feeling arriving to the office in the morning to orders which are paid and confirmed – imagine being on holiday and knowing that your site continues to take orders and payments while you are sitting in the sun.

It’s easier than ever before to upgrade your site to accept credit card payments, and there are a wide variety of ways to achieve this:
  • Secure Ordering Form – allow customers to fill out a secure form on your site, which accepts credit card details and delivers these to your office for manual processing. This is great for companies with a small product range (1-20).
  • Shopping Cart – if you have a wide variety of products (usually more 20) then a shopping cart system may be the best option for you. This will allow customers to order many items at once, and provide your business with the ability to update the products/services on offer.
  • Booking Site – hotels, travel agents, restaurants, golf courses and many more can benefit from an online booking system. These tools give your business the ability to allow customers to customise their orders by room type, destination, date etc.
  • Real Time Processing –if your company plans to handle more than one or two orders a day, you should consider passing credit card details securely to a gateway company. These companies will process the payment immediately and deposit the funds directly into your bank account. These companies work closely with all the national banks for enhanced security, speed, and reliability.

We plan all e-commerce projects with customers on a case by case basis – ensuring that the quote matches their initial requirements and also have the flexibility and scalability to grow into the future. If you want an e-commerce website, you can contact us here, or directly e-mail Remember we cover the full Irish web design market, serving customers from Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Kilkenny, and the whole of Ireland.

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Darklite-SCE is proud to develop Irish E-Commerce sites with Realex, PayPal, and WorldPay

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